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Banfield uses the power of ideas to create insightful and persuasive marketing communications experiences that transcend both the screen and printed page–and we’ve been doing this for over 40 years.

From strategy, brand and design, to web, video, social media and events, we thrive on delivering fully integrated solutions that best meet your objectives and achieve results, regardless of the medium.

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From our Blog

  • Learning from Local: What the Trend Means for You and for Your Business

    You’re familiar with this picture, right? You’re sipping on a cup of fair-trade java from your neighborhood coffee shop, letting the rest of your day slowly take shape. You say goodbye to the barista and head down to the local farmers market. While you’re there, you pick up free-range eggs and organic produce, and stop…

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  • Banfield is Lending Its Paws to OCAPDD, Our Community and Our Pets!

    While we really enjoy working with our national and international clients, we also love any opportunities to collaborate with local businesses. So when The Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OCAPDD) asked us to work with them, we were more than happy to accept. The OCAPDD helps persons with developmental disabilities in many ways, one…

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  • 5 Lessons From Local Businesses Enjoying More-than-local Success

    New businesses have many hurdles to jump when first establishing themselves within a community. This includes choosing the right location, offering a product or service that is in demand and making sure to reach the right audiences. But one thing these companies can use to their advantage is their connection to nearby people, politicians, suppliers…

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