Rethink the IP Core

The Challenge

When Alcatel-Lucent was launching its most important new product portfolio in a decade, the 7950 XRS core router system, it awarded the project to Banfield. The challenge was to break into a core router market dominated by two established players. Alcatel-Lucent would need to convince service providers around the world, from AT&T to British Telecom, to re-evaluate their core routing options.

The Result

We developed a creative concept for the launch campaign that was designed specifically to make our audience stop and reconsider: RETHINK YOUR CORE BELIEFS.

The launch was a success and within six months, Alcatel-Lucent had achieved its key objective of winning core router business with two tier-1 service providers. Alcatel-Lucent has since continued to engage Banfield on key marketing initiatives, including campaigns for IP Edge Routing (2012), the High Leverage Network (2012) and Video & Content Delivery (2013).

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