Place d’Orléans

My Place for Spring Fashion

The Challenge

Place d’Orléans Shopping Centre selected Banfield to be their agency of record in 2006. Over the years, we have been working in close collaboration with our clients to evolve their brand and build a sophisticated yet uniquely approachable image that would differentiate Place d’Orléans from other shopping centres.

The Results

When we first partnered with Place d’Orléans, we launched a new branding platform to position the centre as a place where shoppers feel they belong, and feel inspired. Sales at the shopping centre increased significantly in the months following the initial launch and have remained stable since then, even through challenging economic times. Now, every fall and spring, we incorporate a new campaign theme that complements the brand and demonstrates its relevance to current fashion and the trends of the season. Best of all, in recent past, the response on social media has been overwhelmingly positive with thousands of fans on Facebook and even more video views on YouTube. In addition to the fashion branding campaigns, we have developed many other initiatives, including the innovative back-to-school Fashion Vlogger Search promotion.

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