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The Challenge

Formed in 2004, SoundExchange is a non-profit digital performance rights organization that aims to ensure artists and copyright owners receive their fair share of the royalties owed to them by Internet and satellite service providers – fair pay for fair play.

Banfield’s relationship with SoundExchange began in 2011, when the Washington, DC-based organization voiced a desire for a more streamlined, professional approach to its marketing. SoundExchange wanted to effectively promote its services to diverse and growing audiences, as well as advocate for congressional matters.

The Results

Our work with SoundExchange ranges from advocacy campaigns and event branding, to digital reports, video and print design, to social media management and content development. Over the last four years, each project has helped build awareness and increase overall member registration, while also enhancing the vibrancy and energy of the SoundExchange brand.

For more information about our client experience, specific case studies and references, please contact us.

Annual Review with Corporate Infographics (2011/12)

One of the initial projects Banfield completed for SoundExchange was a highly visual annual report communicating the organization’s successes for the fiscal year through infographics, pull-quotes and factoids rather than long-form writing. Here, we established a style that has since been continuously applied to all branded materials.



Rotting Guitar Advertisement – Billboard Magazine (2012)

Award-winning advertisement that communicates the long-term risk of disproportionately compensating artists and copyright holders for their music. It urges listeners and service providers to “#ValueMusic”.




SoundExchange @SXSW (2014)

Banfield assisted in the event branding and execution for SoundExchange’s presence at the notorious SXSW festival in Austin, TX. The pixelated musicians and typographical treatments were a playful way to visually represent digital music for a young, alternative audience.





Project-72 Advocacy Advertisement (2014)

A petition style advertisement in response to an unjust congressional bill which prevents artists who recorded music before 1972 from collecting digital radio royalties. The advertisement ran in several publications with national (U.S.) reach.



Digital Radio Reports (2014-present)

Banfield developed HTML5, quarterly reports with animations, parallax and a cohesive brand experience to replace text-heavy, PDF reports. The digital approach pairs impeccably with the organization’s mandate and encourages social engagement.