Export Development Canada

Ocean Rodeo Customer Advocacy Campaign

The Challenge

Export Development Canada (EDC) supports and develops Canada’s export trade by helping companies respond to international business opportunities. As EDC’s social media Agency of Record, Banfield developed a six-week digital-based customer advocacy campaign around the success of British Columbia wind and water sports company Ocean Rodeo, and EDC’s role in it.

The Results

Following Simon Sinek’s Start With Why model, we build a campaign around the themes of passion, risk and opportunity — the very traits that drive SMEs to build their business. At the heart of it was a short film, imagined and produced by EDC, telling the story of Ocean Rodeo “from childhood dreams to commercial success.” The film was part of a diverse social media content mix that drove traffic to a landing page, where visitors could find facts and tips about exporting and get a chance to be part of future advocacy efforts. The initiative also included employee engagement, encouraging EDC staff online and at events to share the campaign and nominate other exporters.


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