National Arts Centre

We Love Canadian Music

The Challenge

NAC Presents is a bold new initiative at the National Arts Centre, designed to showcase some of the nation’s most talented performers. This new direction for the NAC posed unique challenges for the development of the launch campaign. We needed to stay true to overarching NAC brand attributes including excellence and sophistication, while introducing a fresh, highly modern, totally Canadian brand for the series.

The Results

Banfield developed a brand strategy and messaging platform that would form the basis of the bilingual, integrated launch campaign. We designed a brand look and feel that appealed not only to a new type of NAC audience, but also to the artists themselves. NAC Presents has been a resounding success. In its first season, the program completely sold out 15 of its 42 performances and expanded their email list by over 25%. On the strength of this success, Banfield won the business for the following season.

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